Feb 25
by Don

I was just thinking recently that I know of 5 different people who are currently in Vegas or are going to in the next month. All random to each other and all happening now. Something must definitely be going right with the country because no one last year was even thinking about going, let alone actually doing it.

This is great. So to add to the mayhem; myself, 44 and Hollywood will be making our triumphant return to Vegas for March Madness this year. It should prove to be a smashing good time as always, but this year we will be adding some additional new West Coast members to the group. Hollywood swears by them and well really it can’t be any worse than our trip in 08. We had 3 different people in our group lose their minds at one point or another during the trip and it was frankly exhausting. None of that this year, but we will see.

So get ready for more posts as the run up the MM10 is on… My Vegas is most definitely showing.

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