Oct 24
by Don

It still amazes me how Vegas can affect people in so many ways.  Our friend LL is a prime example of this.  In a previous post, we had talked about how she only gambled the one time on her first trip out and wouldn’t you know it, a winner.


She actually sent me a picture that we had taken that I didn’t even know about.  Look at that grin.  You can actually see the “Vegas” come over her.  Now she has the bug like the rest of us.  It’s a beautiful thing.


I think that the allure of what Vegas “is” and what it “isn’t” has always been a very powerful thing.  This is something that everyone defines for themselves, which is why that catchy slogan about what happens and what not still resonates with so many people.


It’s a great town with endless possibilities.  Your Vegas is most certainly showing!