Jul 5
by Don

Wolfgang Puck is one chef who Vegas can not get enough of.  He has 6 restaurants on the strip and each has a distinct look and feel.  Lori and I had lunch at Postrio in the Venetian and it was grand.

The atmosphere is modern sophistication with dark woods and rich touches.  There is “outside” dinning, which is to say that you will be out on the patio where you can people gaze over a lighter café style fare.  Of course there is almost always a wait for this section so we just opted to eat inside.

We order some an amazing caprese salad to start our meal, which we have to thank Goldie for introducing us to some 3 years ago.  They have a bevy of bread to choose from and we nibbled until our main courses came.

Lori ordered a roasted chicken dish that took longer than I think it normally does, and sure enough our waiter later apologizes and offers us a free dessert.  We have nothing but time and didn’t mind the wait, but who are we to turn down a free piece of yum-yum?  I had a seafood paella with whole prawns.  The “heads” spooked Lori a bit, but they were delicious.  This was just a great meal with great service to boot.

All in all I would have to recommend Postrio’s as it’s just a very nice experience all the way around.  It’s not inexpensive by any means, but I feel it is well worth it!