Dec 15
by Don

Winter Time in Vegas!To go to Vegas that is.  The Rodeo has just left and the city is sort of gathering it strength for the New Year’s celebration.  The cab lines are non-existent and shows are often times discounted.  All of Vegas is open and inviting.  It’s Grand.

44 and Goldie have yet to send me word of their most recent trip, but from what I can gather it was a profitable one.  44 is a charmed man and Goldie is no stranger to good fortune either so I am glad to hear that they made out.  Good times for sure, but I will still press them for a post as they even took pictures.  Come on now!

Lori and I are planning on going out there in Jan., so there will certainly be a series of posts to come.  This was a strange year in that we didn’t make it out there in the fall and past up on New Year’s.  But 09’ will certainly be another chapter in what will be a great time in Vegas!