Jun 17
by Don

After the Danny Gans fiasco, I was more than happy to see an actual good show.  So we relied upon our mantra of, “when in doubt, Cirque it out.”

That’s where Love comes in.  It’s Cirque’s newest show on the strip and it’s phenomenal.  There is your normal nutty cast of characters that you will find in all Cirque shows, but this one seems more contemporary.  What I mean to say is that because you know all of the music, the transitions between the incredible acts are flawless.  There are no gaps and everything seems to build on the next element.   Aside from “O”, this is the best Cirque show by far.

And the music was just extraordinary.  Even someone who knows very little about the Beatles can appreciate and enjoy this show.  Enter Lori. 

Lori grew up in rural central Florida on 10 beautiful acres of pristine farm land.  Unfortunately there was only country music and a sprinkling of pop music in the 90’s, so you can understand when I say that she has no connection with the greatness that is the Beatles. 


Remarkably this fact did not matter as many times during the performance I would look over and she was transfixed with what was going on.  We had great seats in the lower level (section 103 , Row G) and was practically on the stage, but I don’t think it would have matter where we were since this was a theater in the round.  There is as much going on in the air as there was on the ground, so even if you were up and in the back of the house you had a great view.  We went on a Saturday and the place was packed.  It’s definitely worth the nearly $170 per ticket, so go see this show!