Oct 13
by Don

So this has been an absolutely crazy time.  Lori, being a stockbroker, has been completely buried with the Market virtually eating itself every day for the last two weeks.  I actually thought that we would have two “guest” posts from a couple of guys who just went out there, but basically they have “FAIL“ed me (MDF loves this term, and frankly I do too).

On top of all of this, Vegas is hurting.  I am getting calls from casino hosts, emails, mailers; you name it.   At least I know that postal service will not be going under any time soon since I am getting offers every day now from all of the various casinos.  They miss me, and I miss them (Sad Face).

Not to fear though, 44 and his lovely wife are going to sneak away for some well deserved R&R and maybe I can get a guest post from them (cough, cough). 

Thankfully I have had some great College football games to hold me over until Lori and I can make it out to the desert. 

So at least I have some great shots of UF vs. LSU this past weekend.  I have had a perma-grin on my face for the last 72 hours!  Hopefully the UF/GA game will be equally grand (re: big win for the Gators).