Jun 13
by Don

Lori and I make it back early this morning taking the red eye from Vegas.  There are pluses and minuses with taking the red eye back east, but it was a quick flight as both she and I were knocked out from jump.

Basically today was shot as we were trying to readjust to normalcy, but man it is tough.  Somehow we sleep and generally mope around all day and the next thing you know it’s time for game 4 of the NBA finals.  Now I have not really seen any of the games so far since we were in Vegas the whole time and seemingly always playing in some tournament during the 6 o’clock hour (games out west start earlier than I am used to, but what can you do?).

The game was great for about 3 qtrs. and I was about to turn it off as I was getting tired from being worn down after 6 days of poker, but unfortunately I didn’t and had to endure the largest collapse in NBA history.  Awesome.

Normally I would be asking all of the usual questions, “why did we go away from what was working early (Lamar Odom)?” and “what or who is Kobe going to blame for his spotty performance?”  But watching the game you just got the feeling that the Celtics were better down the stretch and it was the Lakers looking like the team who was scrapping to come from behind.  Just a gut wrenching experience made worse by my own physical delirium of the Vegas effect.  More on that later.

I have a ton to post, but I will get to it this weekend as I am beat.  And from the looks of it, so are my beloved Lakers.