May 19
by Don

The Palazzo in Las Vegas is a very nice hotel.  That’s a pretty underwhelming statement when you consider how elegant the place really is.  I would say that it is on par with the Wynn and the Venetian in terms of “freshness”, but is by far the least ostentatious of the bunch.  For this discussion we are going to leave out the Bellagio as my good friend and frequent Vegas buddy; that we will call “44”, would say, “Are they still in business? Who even goes there?”  I personally don’t think that they are in fact going out of business, but they are definitely no longer the elite of the strip.

I will say that all of the staff at the Palazzo is extremely friendly.  Only once did we have a dealer who didn’t speak much, but she was extremely efficient and that was good since we were winning.

Lori and I have stayed their twice so far and the rooms are just great.  They are all suites and definitely all good. Here is a link to their site, but it really doesn’t do it justice.  All of the furniture is modern European with deep rich browns and cool to the touch marble through out the bathroom.  There are 3 flat screens throughout the room and they have HD as well, a very nice touch I thought.  There is a little office and a sunken living room, much like rooms at the Venetian.  The only real difference is that everything is just a little nicer.

The casino is actually very small compared to the Venetian.  There is only one main room with two long rows of tables.  JayZ has a club downstairs with a casino where the sports book is located, but we only wandered down there to see what was up and didn’t play any.

Every casino on the strip has a 24 hour place to eat and The Grand Lux Café is a great option.  There is one in the Venetian as well, but if you are staying at the Palazzo this is right by the elevators to the rooms so it’s very close.  They are owned by the same people that run The CheeseCake Factory, so you can imagine the size of the meals.  Very good indeed.

This last time we ate at Dos Caminos, which was great because the girls always love Mexican and this was very good Mexican.  The place doubles as an ultra lounge of sorts so late nights it’s a cool place to grab a drink.  They have a ton of Tequilas as you might expect, and can make a mean Margarita.  Very Choice.

There is a ton of high end shopping, but you are going to get that at all of the higher end casinos so there is nothing too special about that.

So basically The Palazzo is top notch and has quickly become Lori’s favorite spot on the Strip.  It doesn’t hurt that they give us rooms so I guess I should show them some love!