Sep 21
by Don

I just don’t know how they do it.  Since we went to Boston over the Labor Day weekend, I am guessing that Vegas is missing us. 


The number of offers that we have been receiving is only slightly out of control.  This is normally a good thing; check that, it’s a great thing.  However, finding the time to go has been nothing short of challenging.  So the offers just keep piling up.


The only thing I can say is that getting rated is a nice thing.  Oddly enough, the most aggressive casino has been Planet Hollywood.  I have only played there on maybe 2 occasions.  Yet they have been sending in offers at about a 2 a week clip.  It’s crazy.  I guess in this down economy you do what you need to do to get the crowds to come.


Now it’s just about finding some time.  Vegas is calling…

May 25
by Don

So now you are a Blackjack expert.  You have taken what I talked about in the first part of this strategy and now are looking for the payoff, right?


Great, so let’s get into it and talk about getting rated.


One of the main reasons why I love Blackjack is it’s a game that involves people.  As you know from a previous post on tipping, having people involved when you are gambling is always a good thing.   When you are doing well, having a good time and generally in good spirits good things are going to happen.  This is where getting rated comes in.


Your Gateway To All Things Comp'edEvery time you sit down you need to put your player’s card on top of the money you are changing for chips.  Now if you are not playing @ $25 per hand then this really doesn’t matter as your play will not be rated highly in a lot of places, or not at all in others.  But if you are; then now you are in business.


So now you are getting your money “washed” and the dealer is calling over the pit boss to get your play in the system.  This is where the amount that you buy in at plays a roll in the calculations.  Getting rated early and often is the key to elevating your status and ultimately getting your piece of the RFB (Room, Food and Beverage) pie. The formula is a rough one, but basically it boils down to the amount that you sit down with, what your average bet is, how long you play, and what you leave with.  


Since you are going to be gambling anyways, you might as well start getting some of the comps along the way.  Those start with small discounts on food and better room rates.  As you move up the ladder, you will get free nights and they will even start giving you money to play with.  It’s a beautiful thing.


You should use your card every time you do anything, but when you are playing at the tables there is more opportunities for good things to happen because it’s the pit bosses who are actually determining what kind of player you are.  I have had pit bosses in the past put in larger starting amounts, long play times and just generally helping the players like me out.  This is not going to happen every time you sit down of course, but if you are practicing Good Karma, then good things will happen for you too! Yummy!


So saddle up pards and let’s get that cocktail waitress over, I need a drink!