Feb 25
by Don

Day One:

There were celebrations all over the place!

One of my favorite trips to Vegas every year is the one that we take with 44 and Goldie.  They are just great and honestly one of the few people who actually do Vegas in the same way that we do.  What I mean by that is they love great food, a little bit of gambling, and just general fun.  They are also people who can do their own thing as well, so it’s not like we have to be chained to the hip 24/7 either.  They are just easy to travel with and especially so in Vegas as we have all been coming here for more than 15 years.

This time around we are loosely celebrating Lori’s birthday as we get into town right after Valentine’s day (which also coincides with Chinese New Year) and are staying at the Palazzo.  They are staying next door at the Wynn so it makes it nice and easy to meet up.  

A little surf and turf, yum!

Because we fly in the morning, we get a full day on the books and not feel like we have to rage too hard that first night.  They did as well so we were able to meet up for drinks and dinner, which was wonderful as we were able to grab a table at Lakeside Seafood in the Wynn.  It’s a great get in that trying to get into SW next door is always a pain, and Lakeside is every bit as amazing.  

Day one ends with a little gambling and turning in around midnight as we have a ton of stuff for day 2.