Jul 4
by Don

Very Chic, for a burger jointThe BLT in the Mirage is hip, new, and most importantly good. Located where the Sigfreid and Roys’ White tigers used to be (it’s still strange to not see them there) and is directly across from the new RhumBar (which use to be the gift shop).

This is the latest and seemingly last “upgrade” that the Mirage is going to do to complete its transformation from an old stogy casino with an outdated theme, to one that is more urban chic than anything. This is definitely geared toward attracting a younger clientele as PH (formally the Aladdin) has done.

So in keeping with the transformation, BLT is a burger joint that has many different kinds of meat on the menu. You have your choice of a normal USDA burger (several grades), American Kobe beef, Salmon, and even a Veggie burger. Somehow Lori found the chicken finger (kids menu of course) and I ordered a Swiss burger. I have to say, it was choice.Not my beer of course, but the burgers are this good. 

The atmosphere was great and we just sat at the bar, got some JWB and coke and watched the Subway series on one of their multiple flat screen TV’s. It was interesting to watch the kitchen as it was a virtual theater in the round. The grill masters were in the middle while everyone else was around them in a complete 360 degree kitchen. It was all open to see and fairly organized. Very Iron Chef. 

So two thumbs up for the BLT at the Mirage, a great place for a burger and some adult beverages.