Jun 1
by Don

This is a cautionary tale of what can happen after an all day poker, blackjack and JWB binge.

So a couple of years back 44, Lori and I went to Vegas on one of our poker trips.  Great times really, but it was summer time and it was hot.  The kind of heat that feels like you are in a convection oven that is set on 500.  We were actually walking on the Strip during the day and I was putting ice on my head that was actually evaporating after a couple of minutes.  Insane.

After a full day of poker and some blackjack, the three of us are in Harrah’s waiting in line to eat in their café (which is now a Chinese restaurant, not bad but nothing special) late.  We have been drinking and gambling and generally having a good time when 44 begins to have issues.

He starts slowly and low at first proclaiming that the blood in his legs is boiling.  He is slapping his thighs and stressing that he is serious and he can feel the heat in his legs, and only his legs.  Now I don’t know how you can “feel” temperature differences in your blood, but he is going on and on about how his blood is boiling.  Now he is getting loud and basically we are causing a small scene.  Of course Lori and I look at each other and do what only we can at this point, we start laughing hysterically.

So now you have this guy yelling that his blood is boiling and the two people he is with are just laughing.  The thing is he was dead serious and his face had this fierce look like he was the Ultimate Warrior or something.  Crazy actually.

Somehow we get seated during all of this and 44 proceeds to down three of the glasses of water in breakneck fashion.  After the third glass, he returns to normal and the rest of the night finishes without much incident.

I think that he was just really dehydrated, but it’s definitely another reason why you have to heed the message I put in a previous post and drink a lot of water throughout the day, unless you too want your blood to boil!