Jun 14
by Don

Just got back from a very triumphant trip to Vegas with Lori and a assorted rabble to celebrate a birthday and have some general revelry. Details on that and the prior trip (I know I owe you guys big time), but I do need to tell this quick story.

We were on the 11am back to the ATL when we realize that we are not actually going anywhere. 20 minutes pass and the captain comes on and says that there is an issue with a valve or something and we will need to deplane. Uggh.

Normally this would be a time to both moan and groan, but Lori had made a killing at the BJ tables the day before and we all were in generally good spirits so a 5 hour delay was no big deal.

Well it turned out to be even sweeter as I was contacted by our newest sponsor, BestofVegas.com. They have it all, from shows to tours and everything in between. So please, take a moment to check them out here, or you can click on the link to the right under the search and find out more.

Thanks and more to come soon, I promise!