Oct 24
by Don

To know 44 is to know that he loves the simple things when on vacation; a great steak, the “pick 6”, and of course a good fruity drink.  It seems that his love of Jimmy Buffet knows no bounds and thusly it’s always 5’oclock somewhere.

He and Goldie turned Lori and myself onto a little known gem that serves up the best fruity drinks that I have ever had, and the ironic part of it all I have personally walked by the place dozens times over the years and never gave it a passing glance except to look up and catch a score or something on the TV’s overheard.

The Fusion bar, a bar in the round, is in the Palazzo is near the cashier’s cage and surrounded by a few innocuous slot machines of little consequence.  I have walked by it on route to the bathrooms nearby countless times, but on this trip 44 insisted that we have a drink.

Wendy was the bartender and she was instructed to prepare 2 drinks with strawberry (for Lori and myself), a mango something for Goldie, and whatever she felt for 44 (turned out to be a watermelon concoction that was magical).  The resulting drinks were, well simply amazing.  This bar has infused vodka’s and what not so they are more prepared than most to make these wonderful drinks, and Wendy did not disappoint.

I have to say that if you are in the mood for a good fruity cocktail (and who isn’t really) find your way to the Palazzo and look for the Fusion bar by the cashier’s cage.  You won’t be disappointed.

Oct 20
by Don

It’s like I always say, if given a chance the gambling gods will strike down on with the cruelest of intentions.  Sports betting seems to be the worst of it because you have to wait a period of time when your money is tied up in a “Future” and anything can happen.

I am not one for Parlays per say, but I have a friend who wanted to get a three team parlay that would have a nice pay day if it were to hit and who am I to stand in the way of a man and his crazy dreams?  So I siddled up to the book at Paris and put down $200 to win $1200 on two favorites and a slight underdog. 

Now there are ways to lose a bet, and then there is the HBC (head ball coach).  The Gamecocks were only 10 seconds away from punting the ball and running out the clock for a 14-10 point win and a cover (the spread was -3).  But Spurrier wanted to make sure that Miss. State wouldn’t get a chance to even touch the ball as he instructs the punter to take the ball and walk out of the back of the endzone for the last play of the game.  He does and the safety ends it, 14-12.  No cover, No win. 

The only saving grace is that this was the first game of the three and although the other two cover, I am told that the agony would have been greater if this was the last game and then this would have happened.  I am not sure, it was brutal anyway you look at it if you ask me.

There were other bets won and lost for sure, but this one stung.  All there is left is the ticket that if not for the last few seconds of a meaningless midseason SEC conference game would have been worth $1400.  Thanks HBC!