Nov 20
by Don

Well I have always felt if there is a place that can survive even in the worst of times, it would be Vegas.  With that being said, I just know how they are holding up given the grim economic times.  44 and Goldie are on their way out there today so it will be interesting to hear what they have to say about the state of Vegas, but that will come in another post.


I have to assume that things are tightening up because I got an offer the other day from Planet Hollywood that was just amazing.  The offer was for free nights over New Year’s  or right after for 4 nights, with gaming credits, spa, and reduced entry to their “extravaganza”.  Unreal.  I have never been offered anything over what has to be the busiest time for Vegas.  On top of that, I almost never play at PH, so who knows what they are offering their actual regulars.


Stay tuned for 44’s post and we will see if anything is actually happening in Vegas to stay there.